Message from the CEO

Welcome to Trustlink

A strong relationship requires strong partners – who think and act according to shared views and values and who display just the right degree of flexibility. At Trustlink, we are pleased to be your partner for all your private banking needs and to be able to build a long-term relationship with you.

As one of the largest Swiss private banks with a global presence, we have both the capabilities and the stability needed to provide you with effective support – so that you can achieve your financial goals. Following the combination of Trustlink, we have a solid platform that enables us to partner with you even more effectively.

We believe that providing comprehensive, first-class expertise is the quintessence of our role as a Swiss bank. The fact that our experienced Client Relationship Officers are always at your side – with their agile, entrepreneurial approach – is a further hallmark of our offering.

At Trustlink, we are there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. We think ahead to ensure that the next steps we take always lead in the right direction – just as you would expect in a relationship founded on trust and mutual understanding.

An entrepreneurial spirit has shaped Trustlink and our employees ever since the bank was established. This spirit gives our client relationships the necessary momentum so that we can find the right solutions for you in a swift and straightforward manner.

In other words: Entrepreneurial thinking. Private banking.

Rajiv. G. Reemul.  CEO.

At Trustlink, we take a hands-on approach to private banking – because we want to play a decisive role in the realization of your ideas.

Can-do mentality

The can-do mentality that has shaped Trustlink ever since it was founded also reflects the philosophy that prevails in today’s world of private banking. Against a backdrop of rapidly evolving economic and market conditions, strategies and scenarios in wealth management need to be continuously reviewed and challenged. As a result, more and more clients consider it important to have a pragmatic and straightforward banking partner – here at Trustlink, we understand you.

We stay alert so that you stay on course

With our entrepreneurial spirit, we offer you a unique private banking experience. We carefully monitor developments as part of our role as a reliable partner. And we act decisively so that you remain on course to reach your long-term objectives.

Experience for every stage of life

The advice we offer you reflects our commitment to being your long-term private banking partner. Our Client Relationship Officers stay with Trustlink for a long time by industry standards. Our shared experience and the expertise we have gained over the years provide us with the necessary basis to support you successfully in all wealth-related matters through every stage of life – in a professional, personal and family context.

A history of entrepreneurship

Trustlink International has a history of entrepreneurship that dates back to when it was established. A former start-up, it has grown and developed into a global bank. A key driver of this success is the fact that our Client Relationship Officers have always viewed themselves as entrepreneurs who are here to serve our clients. They are passionate about cultivating long-term relationships that are founded on trust and they offer hands-on solutions. This approach is one of the hallmarks of Trustlink and our understanding of private banking – making us a reliable partner to our clients.

The Trustlink brand embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that gives our client relationships the necessary momentum so that we can develop hands-on private banking solutions swiftly and easily and establish long-lasting client relationships.


Trustlink International draws strength from the principles and values that have underpinned its development since it was founded in 2001.

Right to Play

Trustlink International is proud to support Right To Play, an international humanitarian and development organization that improves the lives of children in some of the world’s poorest countries. It uses sports activities and play-based programmes to promote the physical, emotional and social development of children in communities affected by conflict, poverty or disease.

Thanks to donations from our employees, Trustlink International can give targeted support to specific projects and, in recent years, has supported a project to assist displaced refugees from Burma/Myanmar. The Thailand Burmese Refugee Programme is active in seven of the nine refugee camps on the border and serves over 90 refugee schools. Since Trustlink started supporting the programme, the number of refugee children who have benefited has doubled to around 60,000.