Fund administration

We provide a comprehensive service for the structuring, incorporation, setup and administering of fund structures.
We cater for start-up and seed capital funds, together with managing fund exits, providing both open-ended and closed-ended structures including companies, segregated account/protected cell companies, limited partnerships and unit trusts. We also offer master feeder structures combining one or more jurisdictions to meet the demands of investors.

We provide registrar, administration and company secretarial services to property, private equity and other types of alternative investment funds.

We also work closely with leading legal, accounting and advisory firms to assist in the structuring and ongoing administration of the fund.

Our specialist team provide assistance on all aspects of fund formation including reviewing documentation, preparing and submitting regulatory applications and ensuring that the application for the Fund license is successfully processed with the authorities.

We also help in appointing the right professionals and counsel to assist in the drafting and reviewing of the application documents and to be part in the venture as non-executive directors, legal counsel, auditors, registrars, brokers and placement agents.

Our services include:

  • Establishment or incorporation of fund structures, including SPV and co-investment vehicles
  • NAV calculation
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Investor reporting
  • Regulatory and compliance services
  • Corporate secretarial functions
  • Registered office in multiple jurisdictions
  • Maintenance of corporate/statutory records
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities
  • Liaison with third-party advisers
  • Assisting with finding the appropriate experienced non-executive directors, counsel and auditors
  • Liaising with client’s lead counsel, brokers and placement agents
  • Incorporating company or limited partnerships structures
  • Assisting in the appointment of brokers and custodians
  • Review fund documentation, including the private placement or offering memorandum
  • Effecting due diligence on investors and ensuring compliance with AML/CFT and local authorities regulatory requirements