Trustlink International Limited provides a one stop shop solution that enable you to conduct e -commerce transactions with great tax benefits. We ensure that whatever service is being provided is being based in and provided from an offshore location thereby avoiding any tax liability in your high tax home jurisdiction.

We also provide you international payment solutions by working with clearing house credit card processors that will process daily payments and authorized the banks to debit people’s Visa or Master Card.


  • Setting up on your behalf of an offshore entity

We will incorporate an offshore entity through which the transactions will be conducted, we can also provide nominee shareholders and local directors services, open the bank account and do all the invoicing and administration services including book keeping. You will have no trading base in your home country , all transactions, operations and even shipping of the products will be effected by us or contracted to a third party.

To avoid any tax liability on your profits it is advised that the e-commerce transaction be treated as a second stream income. Part of that income can be paid to you in the form of consultancy or marketing fees as your primary income while the big chunk can be accumulated offshore.

Opening of a credit card merchant bank account.

We ensure that all sales payments are not effected through a bank in your home jurisdiction but through an account offshore.

 Web hosting in country other than your own.

We shall develop and host your web site. This will add another layer of protection and enhance your international location.

The advantage of physically basing your operations in Mauritius is the low cost of skilled labour, the excellent local IT infrastructure.