Independence has become an important and essential element in the operation of a company’s Board of Directors. With a heightened focus on corporate governance, it is important to have independent opinions, within the company or any other SPVs. Trustlink International Limited offers experienced and knowledgeable Directors to help you maximize the value of your business.

Independent Directors also serve on Boards for several purposes, some of which may be:

  • To protect the interests of lenders during major real estate transactions
  • To offer their knowledge and expertise in distressed companies
  • To represent the company in situations where conflicts of interest may arise.

As part of our Directorship services, we shall provide:

  • Attendance  at regular Board meetings
  • Reviewing any significant contract to be entered into by the company
  • Reviewing and approving the company’s financial statements
  • Reviewing and approving of proposed changes in the company
  • If the company is an investment fund, reviewing of its offering document, before it is adopted.

The list above is not an exhaustive list and our Directorship services will depend on the type of company and will extend to its full purpose.